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Pracownia Transformacja (Transformation Workshop) was created in order to support actions leading to development and improvement of life quality and comfort. I offer my psychotherapy to those who want to shape their lives in a conscious way, who want to live their lives to the full and in harmony, as well as to those who need some support in difficult moments related to the process of internal changes.

Pracownia Transformacja is a safe place where you can discover yourself, open to a real contact with yourself and another person.

It offers psychological guidance, psychological support, individual consultations, as well as development and therapeutic workshops.

I am a therapist who is familiar with a holistic attitude towards a man. I fathom psychosomatic medicine on a daily basis – I am fascinated by mutual relations between the body and the psyche. Psychology is “a science about the soul”  and that is why I pay attention to the spiritual dimension of my work. In my work I integrate different therapeutic attitudes – I use elements of gestalt therapy, I conduct coaching/mediations based on NVC method, EFT and WHH therapy, as well as the therapy using different shamanic methods.  My most important teacher and my greatest inspiration in my work is another Man and Life itself.

Individual consultations

Individual meetings are an occasion to become familiar with a personal situation, to consult a specific problem, to find the source of some difficulties and to think of the best solution. They are designed also for those people who want to have deeper contact with themselves, who want to understand themselves better, have stronger influence on their life and live in a more conscious way. It is a form of support for those who struggle with some personal difficulties and search for psychological support in critical moments in their life. Such meetings can be organised as a single consultation or longer, systematic therapeutic work.


- you look for emotional support

- you struggle with internal conflicts

- you cannot cope with stress

- you experience a spiritual crisis

- you suffer from depression

- you experience difficulties with your partner or family

- you want to understand yourself better and live in a more conscious way

- you want to discuss a specific problem

- you want to understand the process of internal changes and development


I invite you to come to a session of:

- psychological support

- coaching on goal setting and creating an action plan

- mediations with your partner or family (on the basis of NVC method - Non Violent Communication)

- therapy with the use of EFT (emotional freedom technique) and WHH (whole hearted healing)

- family constellations


English-speaking Clients can participate in online consultations/therapy (via Skype) and in place consultation in Szczecin/Świnoujście.

60 min consultation/therapy - 200 zł